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Additional Resources and Selected Links

The American Academy of Pediatrics periodically adds and updates policy statements on breast-feeding at provides information on breast-feeding at  The website includes basic information on breast-feeding, solutions to common problems, the latest news on nursing, and more.  A section on breast-feeding with special circumstances (such as with preemies, twins or multiple babies, or adopted babies) is included. provides information news and a question/answer section on breast-feeding at  The website also includes “diaries” from breast-feeding mothers. provides information on all aspects of breast-feeding at  The website is updated daily and includes the latest breat-feeding news, a breast-feeding question and answer section, chats, message boards, and more.  

The Breast Health Bookstore includes a section on breast-feeding at Each book in the bookstore is accompanied by a summary and picture of the cover.  Pricing and ordering information is available by clicking on the book or a link at the bottom of each summary. 

La Leche League International provides an abundance of information on breast-feeding at  Each month, a specific topic related to breast-feeding is emphasized.  Past topics include exclusive breast-feeding, common breast-feeding difficulties, and breast-feeding for working mothers.